Chapter 1: Trembling Leiden!

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Hi guys!

We are going to talk about our bike trip in The Netherlands.
We stayed there 5 days and we’ll divide it in 5 posts, one for each day that we traveled and the last one that summerise our tour:



Early, early in the morning, but we mean very early in the morning, we woke up and took a plane to reach Amsterdam.
Once we arrived in the city of freedom we rented 3 bikes and started to have a look around.
We’ve been many times in Amsterdam, but if you don’t have many days to dedicate to the city, you must visit the following main places:

Museumplein: Here you can find the Rijksmuseum,in which you will see a lot of artworks of the Flemish art, the Stedelijk Museum, based on modern art and the Van Gogh Museum, in which you can admire the life of Vincent, from the start to the end;
Dam: A beautiful square composed by “Nationaal Monument“,the obelisk in memory of the fallen soldier of the second world war, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,the Royal palace and the Nieuwe Kerk( new church);
Canal System: yeah. It’s great, beautiful and long more than 100km!

We’re not going to tell you that you could visit the city by bike, oh no, you  MUST do it! 😀
You will feel like a real citizen.

According to one of the last census, the 850.000 inhabitants owns 847000 bikes and every year around 15000 bikes are fished up from the canals. THINK ABOUT IT! 🙂

The greatness of the bicycle infrastructure  in The Netherlands is unbelievable, they have more than 32000 km of cycle path, so you can go everywhere you want as we did.

Road to Leiden


IT’S PEDALING TIME! Once we moved out from Amsterdam passing through the green VondelPark and the Amsterdamse Bos, two of the biggest and suggestive parks of the city, we headed to Leiden, crossing Westeinderplassen, a complex of lakes belonging to the territory of Alsmeer, a city that hosts the largest flowers and plants trade centers in the world.


Cycling around holland is really easy. As we said before, cycle paths cover all the territory. You can follow the LF routes to reach every place or city you want.

The territory is almost flat, full of beautiful houses, green fields, cows and canals. After 45 km of this beauty we reached Leiden.


Here we are, Leiden! 😀

Leiden is a beautiful small town full of history: the oldest university in The Netherlands is here (built in 1575), Einstein taught there, and the pilgrims lived here for a while before to get on the Mayflower.

The city centre could be really romantic if you go there with your partner or just relaxing if you are here with your friends.


Coming from Italy, we thought that here the passion for football was certainly smaller, but when Ajax scored against Monaco in Europa League semifinal, we have doubted it.

The entire floor trembled!

Wow, we laughed of that for about 10 minutes!

Passion is passion, wherever you go.

We were eating pizza (yes, we are italian and we CAN’T survive without  pizza or pasta once a day 😀 ) on the canal and it started to rain cats and dogs: we ran inside as fast as lightning with our lovely food!

So be aware of the climate and don’t forget your meal on the table. Please.

If you don’t have time to visit every single attraction, we recommend you to visit the centre and just get lost in the quiet streets of the city.

We rested in an hotel near the central station and after a good breakfast, we were ready to reach Rotterdam via Scheveningen and Den Haag!
We talk about it there: 2° From Leiden to Rotterdam;

If you have questions about our trip you can contact us! 😀

That’s all for today.

Have safe and great trips!


Arthur and Bruno – BikesPhilosophy

Bike Aid Kit

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Hey guys,

this is the first post of a new directory in which we treat about safety traveling!

When we were on our journey in The Netherlands, Arthur had the great idea to fell of the bike and hurt his delicate skin.

So, after this unbelievable injury, we started to think about that and what we could have done in case of a real emergency.

Searching on the web for an emergency kit to put in our bag, we found “SJ Works“, a danish brand that produces aid kit for bikes.


The particularity of SJ-Works kits is that they’re very light, just around 300g and can easily fit on your bike.

In this way, next time Arthur will be able to heal and not complain for all the trip! 😀

There are different models: we choose one to equip under the saddle and another on the bar of the bicycle.


They have the same things inside and enough space for other little thing like Keys, with the difference that the one you can put on the bar is designed to host the smartphone.

So, please, think about it.

Safety is too important  to be neglected.

If you want to get more information you can check the website and their amazon store:


That’s all for today!

Have a nice and safe trip!

Arthur & Bruno – BikesPhilosophy

About Us

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Arthur and Bruno.

Passionate travelers and bicycle lovers.

We know each other since elementary school and our paths crossed many times:
We played together in the same football team and we have also been bitter opponents.

in the last years, for a series of events, we discovered to share the same passion for cycling, that’s why we decided to open this blog in which we promote a healthy and sustainable way of living, traveling and exercising.
Obviously this madness started from a joke!
We were talking about bike culture in The Netherlands and the beauty of their cycle paths so we decided to challenge ourselves to something that we never did before: a short trip from Amsterdam to Utrecht and back via some little towns along the road.
We weren’t really prepared, but 50km a day can be do-able for everyone.
It was a great experience that had a profound effect on us.
Do you know the fabled maxim “Happiness is real only when shared”? If you don’t know it you need to remediate immediately watching  the film “Into The Wild”.
For this reason we decided to share with as many people as possibile our passion and our way to travel.

How we travel

We both work and we do not have a lot of time to spend on the road, so we want to show that is possible to travel in just a few days and that you don’t need to be on the move for a great number of days.
We want to demonstrate that is possible to enjoy freedom even also without quit your job and there is no reason anyone else can’t do it.
For the moment we are exploring Europe.
We like to explore a country at a time without crossing borders to try to understand how locals perceive bikes.
Travel by bike is the best way to enjoy slowness, to live a nation in its uniqueness.

Safe travels to everyone and keep pedaling.

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Arthur & Bruno – BikesPhilosophy