About us

IMG-20170619-WA0023Hi there!

If you are here, it means you wanna know who we are! 🙂

We’re 2 italian guys, Bruno on the left and Arthur on the right, who started traveling by bike to have fun and then we fell in love with it!

The sparkle was born after our first bike trip in The Netherlands. We discovered a brand new world: everyone bicycles to go everywhere safely and sustainably.

Our mission is to spread this cycling culture all over the world! 🙂

In order to achieve our purpose, we need your help:

Let’s team up to build a community of bike lovers, Share your Bike Adventures with us!

The symbol of the community is our logo:

Logo cpn sfondo grigio

Ah! Are you wondering what it means?!

Here it is an explanation:

  • Triangle: It represents the road sign “Pay attention to bicycle”. It also has a metaphorical meaning, which is love and respect for bike.
  • Bike with backpacks:  It symbolises freedom.
  • Road: it has the colours of italian flag ’cause we’re italian. Colours can be exchangeable depending on your country! 🙂


That’s all, but only for now!

If you have any question or do you wanna just speak with us, don’t hesitate! 🙂

You can comment here or find us on social!

Arthur & Bruno

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